just chillin’…

Today is Saturday.  Today was AWESOME!!!  We did NOTHING!  Garrett worked from 7 to 1- was supposed to work until 3, but got off early.  Saralynn slept until 8:30 and came downstairs with Pop and Uncle Bub about 9:00, which is when Mommy woke up.  THAT was AMZING!  We played in the rain for about 2 minutes, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a couple of NCIS episodes- today’s a marathon.  🙂  We napped for two hours, too.  

We went to Charlie Joseph’s for lunch around 2:30, to the grocery store for a few essentials, and back home to watch the Final Four games.  A few more NCIS episodes were sprinkled in.  

We love having things to do on the weekends, but it’s also nice to have a day to do nothing.  Very energizing and refreshing!!!  Now, we’re looking forward to church tomorrow…  🙂


bragging on Bub…

So, nothing really big to note today.  Woke up, went to work, sat there and tried to look busy since the systems are locked down at the moment…  Went to lunch, sat there looking busy again, and came home…  My brother has been home this week for Spring Break, which has been very cool.  Saralynn is so digging having Uncle Bub at home.  The weather hasn’t been so exciting today.  Bub went outside to see what all was happening with it, and left Saralynn inside with Mommy.  How rude!!!  She got my shoes and put them down on the floor and proceeded to pick up my feet up and try to get them in my shoes, all the while saying “Bub, outside, Bub, outside…”  So, we went outside.  She noticed that he had on his rain coat, so of course, she had to have hers on, too.  Too funny!  

Speaking of Bub, he found out the other day that he’ll get to wear a Legacy medallion at graduation because I attended LaGrange College long enough to show the intention of graduating.  Wow.  I’m so excited for him… The first to graduate from college…  And, he’s talking full-time job at Interface next week.  WOO-HOO!!!  He had a meeting today with Mr. George- no big deal, right?  Apparently he’s pretty high up and is also the godfather of Shaquille O’Neal’s oldest children.  Too cool!

My brother rocks my life!  This is the proudest big sister ever!!!

The Pelt Family’s Favorite Color is NOT Yellow

So, for anyone that might not realize it, pollen is falling from the sky like rain, and it isn’t cool.  Poor Saralynn and Garrett are having a horrible time dealing with the yucky stuff.  I, for one, don’t usually have trouble, so at least for now am counting myself lucky.  Saralynn woke up last night miserable, which of course didn’t do much for everyone else’s sleep.  Garrett sounds pitiful, too.  Hopefully we’ll get some rain soon to wash it all away.As for the situation with Mickey Fred…  Well, apparently he had a girlfriend, Minnie Wilma.  She also met her demise.  Apparently they found our peanut buttery treats around the same time, but Garrett only discovered Minnie Wilma this afternoon.  Ok, so we don’t really know if we had two Mickey Freds or two Minnie Wilmas or one of each or what- we didn’t inspect that closely.  But, we do know that they don’t belong in our domain and must go.  As I type, another trap snaps, and I jump to the ceiling and back.  Hopefully Ronnie and Meyer Pest Control will come tomorrow and make sure we got the entire family.  I guess this is a drawback to living in a basement that’s partially underground and easily accessible.  Let’s just hope…  On a more serious note, I’m beginning tonight to read a Chronological Bible, which I’m stoked about.  I really think I might connect more with some of the history of the Old Testament if I can know the timeframe of when stuff happened.  The version I chose is The Daily Bible, which means I’ll read the Bible through chronologically in one year.  I’ve also been doing a lot of praying and really want to present to the church staff the idea of a small group Bible study that will focus on the stories behind some of our modern-day worship songs.  I’ve been doing some searching on the internet and have found quite a bit of information, which excites me.  At first I’d thought about compiling my own info, but the more I’ve searched, there are already quite a few books on the subject(s), so I think I’ll pick up a couple of books and read them and see what happens.  I’m super excited about the prospect- now I just have to get the staff behind the idea…  Off to read… 

Whiskers and Peanut Butter

So, Garrett and I are sitting up in bed but getting ready to go to sleep, literally just minutes after I wrote last night’s blog.  We’re watching “The Biggest Loser”- there’s only one more week before the finale, by the way.  Anyway, we’re watching TV, when all of a sudden, we both see something move across the floor.  We both looked at each other as if to say “Did you see that?”  Not quite sure what it was, and not really wanting to stick around to find out, I did the only thing a sane woman would do- I left Garrett on the bed and high-tailed it upstairs.  A few shrieks later, Garrett joined me upstairs, informing us that there was a mouse in our bedroom.  A small, almost cute one, but a mouse nonetheless.  Garrett stayed downstairs trying to lure Mickey out of his safe haven, but after a half hour or so, gave up and joined me in the upstairs den.  If I may, an observation:  sleeping on the love seat doesn’t make for the best night’s rest ever.

 So, I woke up this morning and got ready, only to realize that my cell phone was downstairs, in Mickey Land.  I ran downstairs and back up faster than the speed of light, with my phone tucked securely in my pocket.  Whew!  I went to work, only to think all day about how much I wanted to sleep in my own bed!!!

Fast forward to 3:15 this afternoon.  Garrett tells me he’s talked to Meyer Pest Control (bless you all!), and Ronnie tells Garrett to set some traps and put peanut butter on them.  So, what does Garrett do?  He buys 12 mouse traps and a jar of peanut butter, of course.  Wal-Mart is handy sometimes!

Forward again to 8:30 this evening.  I’m longing for my bed.  Saralynn is trying to go down for the night, and I’m wishing I could join her soon.  Just as I’m about to dose off myself, Garrett comes bounding up the stairs with the news that “Fred is DEAD!”  I want so badly to feel sorry for the living creature that has just met his demise in my house, but I just can’t.  I’m overjoyed!  I get my domain back!  But, Garrett does remind us all that he didn’t die hungry.  His last meal consisted of a mouthful of peanut butter.  I’m really not sure I’ll ever view peanut butter the same way again, but I’m just glad the furry creature is out of my bedroom!  Garrett escorted Fred to the edge of the woods and released his body from the confines of the trap.  We’re hoping we won’t, but you never know when we might need it, along with the other 11, again some day.

All in all, it was a good day.  Fred got to go back outside where he belongs, though he won’t be able to enjoy it, and I’ll get to enjoy my bed.  Oh, and I’m making a note to consider naming a son after Ronnie.  He is now officially my hero. 

Random Thoughts…

So, I thought I’d join the world of blogging.  Who knows what compelled me, but I did.  And, no, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke.  I’ve gotta give this some thought, but for today, the blog goes like this…  Saralynn fell down and skinned her knee in the driveway tonight.  A few tears and some Neosporin later, we’re all ok, but it’s no fun to watch your baby hurt.  This is the first big boo-boo that’s brought some blood with it, so we’re in unchartered territory.  Watching her cry and knowing how it makes me feel reminds me of how much God hurts when we hurt.  He wants so badly to pick us up and brush us off and kiss our boo-boos.  But, it’s up to us to come running to Him with our arms up, tears and all, asking Him to help as only He can.  Even though Saralynn was hurt, all she had to know was that Mommy and Daddy were there to pick her up, brush her off, clean her up, and make it all better, which, of course, we did.  I’m constantly in awe of the fact that God entrusted her to us, and am so in awe of all He teaches us through her.   That’s it for now…  🙂   More to come…