Random Thoughts…

So, I thought I’d join the world of blogging.  Who knows what compelled me, but I did.  And, no, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke.  I’ve gotta give this some thought, but for today, the blog goes like this…  Saralynn fell down and skinned her knee in the driveway tonight.  A few tears and some Neosporin later, we’re all ok, but it’s no fun to watch your baby hurt.  This is the first big boo-boo that’s brought some blood with it, so we’re in unchartered territory.  Watching her cry and knowing how it makes me feel reminds me of how much God hurts when we hurt.  He wants so badly to pick us up and brush us off and kiss our boo-boos.  But, it’s up to us to come running to Him with our arms up, tears and all, asking Him to help as only He can.  Even though Saralynn was hurt, all she had to know was that Mommy and Daddy were there to pick her up, brush her off, clean her up, and make it all better, which, of course, we did.  I’m constantly in awe of the fact that God entrusted her to us, and am so in awe of all He teaches us through her.   That’s it for now…  🙂   More to come…


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