bragging on Bub…

So, nothing really big to note today.  Woke up, went to work, sat there and tried to look busy since the systems are locked down at the moment…  Went to lunch, sat there looking busy again, and came home…  My brother has been home this week for Spring Break, which has been very cool.  Saralynn is so digging having Uncle Bub at home.  The weather hasn’t been so exciting today.  Bub went outside to see what all was happening with it, and left Saralynn inside with Mommy.  How rude!!!  She got my shoes and put them down on the floor and proceeded to pick up my feet up and try to get them in my shoes, all the while saying “Bub, outside, Bub, outside…”  So, we went outside.  She noticed that he had on his rain coat, so of course, she had to have hers on, too.  Too funny!  

Speaking of Bub, he found out the other day that he’ll get to wear a Legacy medallion at graduation because I attended LaGrange College long enough to show the intention of graduating.  Wow.  I’m so excited for him… The first to graduate from college…  And, he’s talking full-time job at Interface next week.  WOO-HOO!!!  He had a meeting today with Mr. George- no big deal, right?  Apparently he’s pretty high up and is also the godfather of Shaquille O’Neal’s oldest children.  Too cool!

My brother rocks my life!  This is the proudest big sister ever!!!


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