just chillin’…

Today is Saturday.  Today was AWESOME!!!  We did NOTHING!  Garrett worked from 7 to 1- was supposed to work until 3, but got off early.  Saralynn slept until 8:30 and came downstairs with Pop and Uncle Bub about 9:00, which is when Mommy woke up.  THAT was AMZING!  We played in the rain for about 2 minutes, watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a couple of NCIS episodes- today’s a marathon.  🙂  We napped for two hours, too.  

We went to Charlie Joseph’s for lunch around 2:30, to the grocery store for a few essentials, and back home to watch the Final Four games.  A few more NCIS episodes were sprinkled in.  

We love having things to do on the weekends, but it’s also nice to have a day to do nothing.  Very energizing and refreshing!!!  Now, we’re looking forward to church tomorrow…  🙂


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