Whine and Cheese…

So, it’s been a while since I blogged…  Lots going on lately.  But, back to the present…

Today is Wednesday, which means we went to church.  We listened to the youth give their own personal accounts of their Ecuador trip and it was great to hear all they had to say.  We enjoyed hanging out with the Cottles.  Charlie and Saralynn had fun together!

Then, we came home…  and we cried… and we cried… and we cried.  Garrett decided to have some cheese and crackers- a staple late night snack at our house, and Saralynn of course wanted some- she loves cheese almost as much as her Daddy.  Ask him sometime about the youth trip on which he ate an ENTIRE block of cheese…  Anyway, the cheese I bought was extra sharp, so he was afraid it would aggravate her, so he wouldn’t let her have much.  That didn’t go well, as you might imagine.  But, the evening ended well- Saralynn fell asleep in her Daddy’s arms after 2 sips of milk.  It was definitely a Kodak moment!


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