Welcome to another month…

So, in an attempt to do better with the blogging, I’m making a goal to write something every day…  A new month, a new mindset…  Here goes nothing…

Today is the first.  The first of what?  November.  Night of daylight savings time.  Time LaGrange College football has gone 8-1… EVER…  And, hopefully, the first of many day-to-day blog entries.  Why, some might ask… No one knows your blog exists…  True.  But, in the past few months more tha never, I’ve learned that the day-to-day, somewhat mundane exmperiences of life are the most important. 

So, here’s a rundown of a few of those experiences of late:  Saralynn made the front page of the paper today in her Halloween costume at school.  I, for one, am very proud!  Garrett is kicking booty running the PowerPoint projection for our new 11:11 service at church, which has exploded beyond anyone’s expectations.  And me?  I’m just loving every minute of watching my family live their lives- together!

So, a day of firsts…  I wonder what the seconds and thirds will bring?…


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