Mommy, my ears hurt

That’s one of those things you don’t want to hear first thing in the morning…

I had been doing so well on keeping the blog updated…

Tuesday morning of this week, as I woke Saralynn up for day care, she sleepily wakes up and says to me throug slanted eyes “Mommy, my ears hurt!”  She digs her knuckles in her ears and, through tear-stained eyes, says it again, for emphasis.  “Mommy, my ears hurt.”  Then, the dreaded three words “Mommy, fix it”.  By now, I’m ready to cry with her.  She’s never said anything specific hurt before, so I knew it was a real, genuine hurt.

I sent everyone else on to work, and called the doctor.  That was the most horrific thing I’ve ever been through in my life.  DISCLAIMER:  If you have a two-year old that complains of hurting ears, DON’T go to the doctor by yourself.  My mom dropped us off while she ran a few errands, and Saralynn knew where she was as soon as we drove into the parking lot.  “No, no, no”… came the muffled whines from the backseat.

Fast forward to the point at which they call our names.  We had been peacefully watching “Charlotte’s Web”, methodically pointing out each animal as it passed across the screen.  “Saralynn Pelt to the back please”.  This phrase shattered our peacefulness.  We get up to walk to the back and I hear “I want to watch TV”.  Yet another phrase I’ve never heard my child utter.  She would’ve asked for anything to get out of seeing the doctor! 

The nurse asks her symptoms and orders bloodwork.  Oh, boy, the fun…  Saralynn begins to scream, as one would expect.  The doctor then comes in and does a strep test.  Again, screaming.  Poor thing works herself up so she makes herself sick.  Then, the exam.  The doctor and the nurse come in.  The nurse holds her feet, and the doctor asks ME to restrain her arms AND hold her head still.  Thus, I get to see my two year old piece of my heart longingly look up at me through tear-filled eyes as if to say “how could you let them do this to me?  And how could you partake in this?”  My eyes began to fill at this point, as Saralynn cries “Mommy!”  Little did she know, I was crying the same thing on the inside, wanting my mommy to help me help my baby.

Diagnosis: a double ear infection.  Again.  Prescription: antibiotic.  Again.  Poor Saralynn.  The “messinine” is not her friend, and neither is the person that gives it to her.  Namely, me.  We’re three days into the medicine with seven more to go, and I’m ready for those seven days to be a memory. 

So, we survived the past three days.  We put countless diapers on countless babies, read stories over and over and over again, watched Elmo and Barney on TV (yes, I cracked.  The mommy that said she’d never willingly expose her children to Barney gave in.  She watches it at school, saw a commercial for it, and asked.  What can I say?  She’s sick.)  And, all the while, as the thoughts of stir-craziness began to creep into my mind, all I can think of is how wonderful it is to have some one-one-one time with my baby, who is growing so fast!

“Mommy, my ears hurt”.  Those words I don’t want to hear again, but that I’m grateful for hearing, because it means I got a few priceless moments with my Saralynn during the middle of the week.  A rare treat I’ll cherish, even if it means a few doses of yucky “messinine”.



  1. Michelle Blair said,

    November 16, 2008 at 12:32 am

    Bless your heart AND hers! I HATE ear infections! Grayson’s right ear is draining for the first time since we got tubes in February. I guess the only thing I am thankful for is that I got what I paid for- they are doing their job!! BUT, the ear drops are NOT Grayson’s friend! Hope to see you in the morning! Michelle

  2. Pam Pruett said,

    November 16, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    Tubes were the best thing I ever did for Addie! She had an ear infection just about every month from 4 m-13 months!! Got tubes at 13 months and really, I must say that runny noses and colds have never bothered her! Sinus drainage occasionally is all we have dealth with in the past 7 years!!! Dr. Novelly (our ENT) is a GODSEND!!!

    Hope she feels better soon!

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