I’m thankful for…

Chad asked us at church last Sunday to think about things we’re thankful for.  He asked us to email them to him, as part of this week’s service.  I just emailed my thoughts, and thought I’d share them here.  What are you thankful for this season?

Like everyone else, there’s so much to be thankful for, but, this Thanksgiving season, I’m most thankful for free will.  At first glance, an odd thing to be thankful for, I know.  But, I’m thankful for free will because, yet again, it’s one of God’s ways of showing just how much He loves me.  God gives me the option to choose how I live my life.  He wants all of me, 100% of the time- all my love, my talents, my time, but He allows me to decide how I will share my love, my talents, my time, and loves me even when I fall short of giving that all back to Him.  He isn’t a puppet master that holds me by strings, manipulating my every move.  No, He lovingly sets me on the stage and watches from the audience, willingly loving and applauding my good times, and even loving and applauding the times I don’t do well- in hopes that I’ll turn to Him for help.  His gift of free will also allows me the opportunity to show His kind of love to those around me- those I know well and that know me well, and even those I don’t know and that don’t know me- and, sprinkled in along the way, those that don’t know Him.  In His infinite wisdom, surely He could’ve come up with another plan to get His word out to a hurting and dying world than using imperfect me, but instead, He chooses to tell me “I love you enough to entrust My Story and My Love to you, for you to share it with the world”.  Wow.  If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!  Thank You, Jesus, for loving me enough to let me choose, for applauding me when I choose well, and for dusting me off and letting me try again when I don’t choose well.  Your gift of free will is one I cherish and am thankful for, this season and always! 


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