Pop Paul

As I sit and reflect on people in my life that I’m thankful for, and that I’m anticipating good things to come for, I think about “Pop Paul” as he’s known to Saralynn.  None other than our Minister of Music, Paul Blair. 

There are so many things to say about Paul, but the first is THANK YOU.  Paul is one of the purest, kindest souls I have ever known.  God blessed not only our church, but my family in particular, when He sent Paul and his family to LaGrange.  Our families have a rich history, from a cookout at our house where I watched Paul eat a hamburger that had been on the grill a total of about 15 seconds, to countless musicals, to Paul’s part in both my grandparents’ funerals, and many other precious moments in between.  Paul has always had a soft shoulder that has caught many a Carter tear, a heart bigger than his body, and a spirit that rivals any other person on this earth.  His caring spirit, gentle hand, always caring heart, and ever-upbeat words are true gifts to me, and I am forever grateful for knowing this precious man!

Our church has made many changes in the past few months, all of which I think are in the best interest of the environment of the church and its people.  Our contemporary service has exploded, and has been just what many of the people in our church and community have needed.  Garrett and I are blessed to serve in this service.  With those changes comes the difficulty of trying to keep what “was” in tact while bringing along something new.  Paul seems to have the biggest job of all in doing what he can to make sure that the Music Ministry doesn’t suffer too much.  The most important thing to note about these changes is that we are still ONE CHURCH, and should work that way.  Paul is doing all he can to keep that thought alive and well. 

This Advent season, that gives way to Christmas, I am grateful for God’s present to me in Paul Blair.  Paul, I promise you that I’m along for the ride that’s set before us.  Please pray for Paul as I know he’s stretched thin during this season.  Our entire church staff is, but none quite like Paul.  Please pray for protection for Paul as he continues to seek God’s will for our church, and for the ministries and people of each. 

Anticipating the Coming,
Mary Beth


1 Comment

  1. Michelle Blair said,

    December 2, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    Mary Beth- You said it much better than I could have! That was so sweet! We love our Pop too! Thanks for all of your support; I know he appreciates it! I forwarded this on to him!

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