The Parade

Today, as strange as it may sound at first, I’m thankful for the workers of the City of LaGrange.  Mom, Dad, and I took Saralynn to the annual Christmas parade, and had a blast.  I left work early and got to LaGrange early to make sure we got good “seats”.  I was able to nab a place for all of us right on Church Street, right near the rope that warned “don’t go any further”.  We sat with Paul, Kristen, Michael, and Katie Barnes and Don, Dawn, Juliette, and Jonathan May.  The kids all chattered the entire parade about the Christmas trees, big trucks, dogs, horses, and many floats they saw.  Seeing the twinkle in my daughter’s eyes as she experienced the parade for the first time was magical for me, and  I have the City of LaGrange employees to thank for some of that.  When I got to the church, there were at least a dozen workers driving and walking up and down the road putting out cones and checking to make sure that everything was as it should be.  Yes, it’s their job, but they all did it seemingly willingly, and hopefully in the name of instilling the Christmas spirit in the hearts of a few youngsters along the way.  So, from this tired yet extremely happy Mommy, thank you COL workers, for doing your part to spread Christmas cheer to my family.  I wish each of you the Merriest of Christmas seasons!

As my child anticipated the sight of Santa tonight, I anticipate the sight of the Savior,
Mary Beth

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