Chili+Football= a ton of fun!

On the 6th day of December, I’m thinking thankfully…   hmmm… kinda has a ring to it…

Garrett and I went to Coach Kenny and Mrs. Teresa Moores’ house for our Sunday School Christmas social.  We had a chili cookoff and the guys watched the SEC championship football game between our beloved Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators.  Most of the girls stayed upstairs talking and catching up.  It’s funny how you can get so behind with such dear friends, but sometimes kids and life just get in the way.  We had a great time!

As I mentioned, we had a chili cookoff.  There were 6 different pots of really good, yet really different chili.  My Garrett’s chili brought home first place!  I have to say, it was very yummy!  We’re enjoying our Christmas Cookie candle prize already!

And, unfortunately, our Roll Tide gang’s undefeated season came to an end at the hand of the Gators.  That would be the only down portion of the evening.  

So, today, I’m thankful to the Moores for opening their home to us, and for our wonderful Sunday School class, who accepted us with open arms.  Garrett hasn’t missed a Sunday since we joined, and the only reason I missed one week was because I was teaching the singles’ class.  I’m grateful to God for allowing us to have such wonderful, supportive friends who are only a call away and willing to pray for any need that arises.  We moved to a new classroom today because we’ve grown so big!  WHAT A GREAT SIGN!

So, with a thankful heart, I close.  Garrett and I are going tonight to his company Christmas party.  Hmmm?  A glimpse into what I’m thankful for in my next post?  Could be…


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