My Mom…

So, I missed blogging on the 5th.  Today is the 6th and I’m playing catch-up.  But, with good reason.  The 5th was my mom’s birthday, and I was able to spend some good time with her.  My departmental Christmas party was during lunchtime, and afterwards, we were granted the afternoon off.  Mom already had the day off, so I came home and picked her up and we took a girls’ trip to the best place on Earth…  Wal-Mart.  (Collective groan here).  We then picked Saralynn up from day care and went to my grandparents’ house.  We enjoyed our time there, visiting and watching them smile at Saralynn’s antics.  Then, we enjoyed a spaghetti meal at home and a nice, quiet evening.

So, as you can imagine, on this, the 5th day of “who I’m thankful for”, I write to say how much I love my mom.  For people that didn’t or don’t have good relationships with their mothers, I’m so sorry.  I have the best relationship I could ever ask for with my mom.  She always has been such a source of support and love for me.  She cared for Matthew and I while my dad worked hard, long, and sometimes out of town hours in the car business.  She always knew just what we needed, and knew that a Ziploc baggie with ice that had been crushed with a hammer was the cure-all for any illness.  She lovingly (though maybe through tightly clinched teeth) stayed up most of the night reading a book that had to be read when I had procrastinated and had a test the next day, and stayed up well past midnight hand-coloring the Spanish flag for a project.  She very precisely applied make-up to the spots on my arms that had peeled from sunburn so I could attend my senior prom looking as normal as possible.  She was there every step of the way during the wedding planning process.  She so beautifully sang “Happy Birthday” to Saralynn while she was still in the nursery and made up the tune to a song that still to this day soothes Saralynn when Mimi sings it.  All these things and so many more describe my mom and the admiration I have for her.  But, above all, the thing that defines my mom best is her friendship to me.  We’ve laughed, cried, fought, made up, and through it all, enjoyed each other’s company all through the years.  I’ll never forget the look on her face as she read the poem I wrote for her birthday 3 years ago that told her she would be a grandmother.  Moments like that make me proud, not only to be her daughter, but to be her friend.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  Your love, your caring, your friendship, and your just being you are such gifts to me.  Thank you for your example to me.  Your never-give-up spirit taught me that anything you love is worth fighting for.  Your words of encouragement, in good times and bad, resonate in my heart every day.  Thank you for being the perfect example of what a woman of God is.  Thank you for praying for from the minute you found out I was coming.  Thank you for praying for my husband before you knew him, and my children before you knew them- though now there is just Saralynn, I hope God blesses us with more one day, and I know that you’re already praying for them.  Most of all, thank you for modeling Jesus to me.  I accepted Him because I was taught to want to meet Him and experience His love because I saw you love and experience Him. 

I owe you so much, but today, your birthday, all I can offer is “thank you”.  

With all my love and admiration,
Mary Beth


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