My Aunt Elsie

Thank you for your prayers for my Aunt Elsie.  She did indeed have a small stroke, but thanks to some quick thinking by the staff at Vernon Woods, she was able to be quickly transported to the hospital and treated. 

I’m so thankful for Aunt Elsie.  She will be 91 years young on New Year’s Day.  She is my grandfather’s younger sister.  Though I don’t have too many memories of Aunt Elsie and her husband, Uncle Vester, from my childhood, I’ve enjoyed reconnecting more with her in the past few years.  Saralynn loves picking her up every Sunday from Vernon Woods and taking her to church with us.  She loves to show Aunt Elsie that the water is wet (in the fountain on the square). 

Aunt Elsie lost her son, Robert, to a most courageous battle with cancer in August.  Robert was one of the heroes of the faith, and of life in general, and if he were here, I’m sure he’d agree that he got his good qualities from his mother.  So, during this thankful season, and this season of awaiting the coming, I’m thankful for Aunt Elsie and look forward to the coming of her 91st birthday, and many more birthdays to come!


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