Moving to a new location

So, after much thinking, I’ve decided to move my blog.  This is for many reasons.  I already have my email account with Google, so moving to Blogspot/Blogger makes sense.  The backgrounds, etc. are cuter.  Some people may think that this is not an acceptable reason to move, however, it is indeed one of the reasons.  Plus, I’ve given the blog address on the new blog the entire family’s name, not just my own.  So, in the future, please visit  I’m hoping the new blog becomes a place where my family and friends can catch glimpses into our day, and grow and learn right along with us.  I’m going to back up all of my old posts from this blog there, so everything will be together.  But, for now, please visit the new site.  I hope everyone is pleased.


Mary Beth


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  1. Anne Marie said,

    January 2, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Girl, I completely support your decision. If you check out my old blog you will see that my last post was that I was moving too. I kept reading all these really cute blogs and decided I wanted to have that option too. So I went to blogspot as well. You can see my new blog at if you like! Hope you are having a wonderful new year and I will be sure to check out your new location. If you come up with an idea about what to do with your old blog let me know. For now I am trying to update them both!

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